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Oliver Leach - UFO 19.9

$ 1,000.00

Limited edition of 70 prints

Unframed: 40" x 30" 

Framed: 42" x 32"

Leach has an uncanny ability to find beauty and mystery in the everyday. A single tree from his neighborhood is imaginatively transformed into a cinematic scene. He achieves a multi-layered effect through his complex photographic process.

Oliver Leach grew up in Texas, obsessed with horror films. As a child, he popped the heads off of action figures and painted them to look bloody. He then sold these decapitated heads to other kids, which prompted his parents to send him to talk to someone. This fascination manifested itself into Leach’s current photography process and style.

This piece is part of the Twyla Collection, in partnership with Museum Editions.

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