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Work by Sam Glankoff

Sam Glankoff (1894-1982) produced eloquent abstractions whose primordial symbols, bold brushstrokes and spiritual energy found affinities with both the monumental art forms of ancient civilizations and the aspirational expressions of the art of his time. Glankoff is known for "Print-Painting," a transfer painting process he developed in the 1970s, in which he applied water-based inks to delicate Japanese papers, creating unique, multi-paneled, multi-layered, large-scale works. 

Since 1981, when his first-ever solo exhibition was presented at the Graham Gallery in New York, at the age of 87, Glankoff's work has been exhibited widely and has entered many distinguished museum, corporate and private collections.  

To bring this remarkable artist's work, ideas and life story to greater public awareness, Wendy Snyder and the Estate (The Sam Glankoff Collection, LLC) have created The Sam Glankoff SGW Editions; museum quality, archival ink jet reproductions of Glankoff's original works.