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Work by Angelica Bergamini

Angelica Bergamini - Breathing

ANGELICA BERGAMINI is a New York City-based installation artist, originally from Italy, who works with paper, video, and other media like cotton thread and fishing line. Through her work, Bergamini seeks to connect the interior and exterior spirit, and unveil and reawaken our true internal spiritual selves. In her artist’s statement, Bergamini writes, “Giving space both to my aesthetic perception and ethical attitude, I try to make work that has both personal urgency and universal resonance, expressing that creative force connection with nature and the earth in the pursuit of harmonious balance between human beings. I am a physical, emotional and mental presence in the space, trying to be aware of the co-belonging of all things.”

Bergamini holds a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence (Italy) and has spent long periods of residency in Spain at the University of Granada and at the Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

She is currently working on a new video series based on the animation of a selection of her mixed media on paper and has a permanent installation at the Hyatt Union Square, Come As You Are.