Work by Ned Evans

Ned Evans - Comoro

NED EVANS is a California-based painter whose body of work draws from the rhythm, light, and space of his native Southern California and his beloved Venice Beach. In particular, Evans sees a parallel between his love of the ocean and surfing and his painting practice in which he paints wet-on-wet. In the most recent paintings, color is applied in broad strokes to form loose, rhythmic patterns. Some of the panels are dense and opaque concentrations of a single color. Other panels are translucent washes, acting almost as windows through the work. Underlying all is a sense of energy, an exuberant impatience eager to break free of the order imposed. 

On a regular basis, Evans continues to employ geometry in his compositions alluding to the intersection unique to the California coast where dense urban topography meets the expansiveness of the Pacific”- Robert Brander, 2005.

In addition to exhibiting in solo shows internationally, Evans's work was also featured in a recent Ivan Reitman film.

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