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Work by Nina Young

Nina Young - Introduction Layers

NINA YOUNG is a photographer and educator. Her work, featuring trees and greenery trapped within the confines of urban structures, reflects the dominance of the built environment over natural life.

Within her teaching career, Young specialized in the visual arts. She worked for the Cornwall Education Advisory Service as an Advisory Teacher for Art and Design; as an Artist in Residence with the National Trust; an Adult Education Tutor for Conrwall and Devon, Adult Education Service as well as tutoring in numerous private art agencies such as Outlook and the Indian King Arts Centre. Nina also provided ‘In Service Education Training’ for teachers in many aspects of Art and Design for the Local Education Authorities in Devon and Cornwall. In 2010 she was trained as an Artsmark Assessor by the Arts Council of England.

Since 2012 Young has worked as a full time artist, living in North Cornwall with her husband Neil who is a sculptor.