Clark Hulings - Sugarcane Vendor

$ 2,250.00

24" x 36"

Canvas, Giclee Print

"Sugarcane Vendor" is a limited edition giclée print stretched on canvas, from the estate of leading American Realist painter CLARK HULINGS. This is one of Clark's larger paintings. It is from Southern Mexico, painted 1980, at the height of his powers and features rigorous composition, that complicated tree and all those cane stalks at every angle, a donkey and cart, a woman with a head scarf, men with straw hats, lots of texture and light patterns. Comes numbered, stamped and registered by the Clark Hulings Estate with a certificate of authenticity. 

Clark Hulings is revered for his technique and venerated for capturing the essence of ancestral homelands. His compositions and subjects are widely emulated, and he is recognized for his enormous impact on American realists, and especially Western artists, since the 1970’s. Clark’s ability to see beauty in daily human gestures and activities won him the appellation “master” on numerous occasions. His celebration of textures as expressed through light, shadow, and atmosphere “describes the air itself,” according to the Christian Science Monitor. His range of subject matter was astonishing, “No one does as many things as well,” proclaimed Southwest Art.

These museum-quality giclée images are produced using the Cruse Scanner: the most technologically advanced, large format, high resolution scanner in the world. Printing is done with the Epson 9800, a 44" wide format featuring 8 ink cartridges using the UltraChrome K3 archival inks.

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