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Lali Torma - Wave Series - Teal Wave

$ 345.00

23.4 H x 16.5 W

Drawing: Ink on Paper

Discounts available for groupings of two or three. 

Directly influenced by her own life experience of escaping human created restraining structures, German based artist LALI TORMA's work is a search for freedom and for a new and personal paradigm. Over the years, her final results have varied in style, but the process has not changed, letting everything flow freely and allowing for accidents and surprise.

Continuing the exploration work of the surface started in “Anima Lamina”, the “Darker” series vary in their interpretation of the pattern, the lines are now very close together stopping light and forming continuous surfaces, where the pattern becomes less visible and integrated. Those new surfaces talk about deeper levels of the subconscious, somewhere on the bottom of the soul, where emotions are felt and not seen. They are walls or membranes of a deeper structure, of the organic shamanic tunnel within.

Born in 1975 in communist Romania, Torma migrated to Canada in 1995 where she established a new life working in the financial industry. After completing a Master of Business Administration at McGill University in 2009, Torma started a process of “extracting” herself from the financial world into the art world. In 2014, Torma moved to Berlin to completely dedicate herself to art.

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