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Tracie Cheng - Giants in the Sky, 2016

$ 4,200.00 USD

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas

TRACIE CHENG's work portrays otherworldly organic forms inspired by the multilayered dimensional of topographical maps. A delicate interplay between meticulous linearity and fluid strokes imbues the canvases with a beguiling character, while diaphanous clouds of color create a sinuous sense of movement and luminous intensity. The works display a complex aesthetic character in which vibrant energy and composed calm coexist, establishing a uniquely dynamic balance that is at once ethereal and sublime yet grounded and temporal. ​The texture and depth of Cheng’s work stems from an artistic practice that foregrounds natural evolution and movement.

The artists’ training in architecture plays a definitive role in the composite framework of each piece, informing the precise demarcation of form and line. Color also plays a critical role; metallic hues confer a lustrous, polished tonality, in contrast with softer hues that suffuse each work with a palpable richness and elegance. Additionally, the mellifluous spatial quality of each composition generates an expansive impression of grace and tranquility.